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Iacbot uses a file .soluble/config.yml in the root of your repository to control how iacbot runs.

The values in this file will override the defaults, so there is no need to specify all values in each repo. You can just add the values that you want to override.

## Not all values need to be explicitly set.  

# Should IacBot update your PR Status Check
pr_status_enabled: true

# Maxium allowable findings, above which
# PR status check will fail
    critical: 0
    high: 0
    medium: 999
    low: 999

## Force the status check to pass.  Checks will still be run.
## Effectively the same as raising thresholds to high values.
pr_status_force_pass_enabled: false

## Set to true if you want IacBot to add PR comments
pr_comments_enabled: true

## If set to true, a PR comment will be added, even if 
## the status check passes.
pr_comments_on_passed_check_enabled: false